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The game is set in the future where humanity has achieved the position of being a type 2 civilization, IE. having the ability to harness all the energy of our home star.

A Dyson sphere was used to capture this energy. With the excess energy and computational power, humanity built a matrioshka brain, which is a digital interface where humans can plug in and live out any and all fantasies until death.

Saint Veronica, a family run organisation of guardians were tasked to remain and protect the sphere.

This day, the Northwest hull of the topmost sphere was breached. However, the offending object was organic in nature. Something organic with the ability to survive spaceflight unprotected is now inside the only Dyson facility humanity has ever built.

Only one member of the family can enter at a time as their linage and the lives of just under nine billion suspended humans hangs in balance.

Game Development by Starande

Art and development by Jetter008

SFX and sound physics by J.

Design, story and level art by TehGameDev

Premade assets used - 




Other cc0 assets from -




BishopVeronica-SaintVeronica.zip 294 MB

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