First Devlog and what's to come.

Hello world,

Project Northmane is an action game set within a western RPG setting. It uses low poly 3D assets and is built using Unreal Engine 4. The game will be a strictly single player game with emphasis on gameplay. We are trying to essentially try an experiment with this game, an experiment that, if successful, will hopefully lead to a cool game.

If the above sounds vague, it is. The game, as it is in our minds, is a very simple concept with easily achievable game play loop. We intend to keep the tarp on a bit longer before we reveal anything solid. Sorry! 

The plan is to maintain regular devlogs along with videos and pictures that plot out progress. We're currently working on getting a milestone plan together and also the features we hope to see in the game. This will be posted here once its ready.

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